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The Turnkey Professional Services Solution

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The Turnkey Professional Services Solution

ProServ PSA

Professional Services Solution 

ProServe is the turnkey professional services solution,  a Professional Services Automation (frequently abbreviated to PSA) platform designed to assist professionals, such as lawyers, auditors, and IT consultants, with project management and resource management for client projects and utilization rate management for billable staff.

Why ProServ?

Professional Services Automation management software centralizes information and automates processes for service-based organizations, much like an ERP would. PSA tools provide greater visibility, more effective reporting, improved billing, and better integration of processes. The Bizanova PSA solution provides your organization with a useful suite of core features such as time tracking, project management, and resource management extending to client billing, help desk, and productivity tools.

PSA Software

Efficiently Managing Administrative Tasks

When choosing to provide your clients with the best service possible, you didn’t imagine having to spend a minimum of 50% of your time performing administrative tasks. Yet, for many professional services providers, this is their reality. Professional Services Automation software (PSA) helps you more efficiently manage your business and reduce time spent on tedious but necessary tasks.

The Bizanova ProServ Solution

Our ProServ solution brings transparency to managing your team as they undertake consulting assignments for clients. On every job or project you will manage time tracking, expense management, billing, invoicing, and resource and labor allocation. The solution integrates with accounting, CRM, and HR payroll to ensure a complete end-to-end Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution.

Integrated tools to help you:

  • Organize - group tasks by stage.
  • Schedule - team planning and reschedule to keep within your deadlines
  • Plan - track deadlines and progress
  • Bill clients - time and materials or milestones
  • Analyze - monitor workload task status
  • Discuss tasks, Share documents
  • Performance Analysis
  • Operations
  • Resource Management
  • Project management
  • Revenue & cost accounting
  • Timesheet management
  • Expense reporting
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Request and issue tracking


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The Turnkey Professional Services Solution